Day Spa Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Day Spa Insurance?

Running a day spa requires a sizeable investment, and the resources put into this kind of business ought to be protected when possible. Day spa insurance policies help Massachusetts spas and salons shield themselves from a variety of potential risks.

Day spa insurance policies are specialized commercial policies that have been developed to meet the risk mitigation needs of day spas. Policies are usually written as package policies, which means they have multiple coverages that work together to provide robust protection. 

What Massachusetts Businesses is Salon Spa Insurance Right For?

The vast majority of salons and day spas in Massachusetts can benefit from getting salon spa insurance. Few of these businesses are completely immune to risk, and this is normally the most appropriate policy for these businesses to get.

Some other businesses might have similar coverage needs but actually be better off with a slightly different type of insurance. For example, medical spas typically need some of the same coverages as day spas and some other coverages that are related to their medical services. These spas generally are better protected with a medical spa insurance policy rather than a salon spa one.

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Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Are Included in Salon Spa Insurance Policies?

The exact coverages that salon spa insurance policies make available can vary, but there are many that they might offer. Some of the more commonly offered protections include:

Salons and day spas that lease a commercial space rather than own a building may need renters liability coverage and tenants betterment coverage. The former normally protects against rental-related liability risks, and the latter normally protects improvements that are made to a leased space.

An insurance agent who specializes in this insurance can guide salons through the coverage options available to them and help them make informed choices.

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Are Off-Site Massages Covered by Salon Spa Policies?

Some salon spa policies may include off-site massages in their standard or optional protections, but not all policies offer this coverage. Salons that offer off-site massages should work with a knowledgeable insurance agent to find a policy that will fully cover these services.

Are Day Spa Policies Expensive?

Salon spa policy premiums are based on lots of different factors and frequently vary as a result. A few of the items that may influence a policy’s premiums are:

  • What services a salon offers
  • Where a salon is located
  • How many employees a salon has
  • What coverages are chosen by a salon
  • How many previous claims a salon has filed

Even with the variance in price, however, these policies tend to be affordable. Their premiums are almost certainly lower than the potential cost of a major disaster or liability lawsuit.

Day Spa Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Massachusetts Salons and Day Spas Get Day Spa Insurance?

For help protecting a salon or day spa in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents of Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents have the expertise necessary to help you make informed coverage selections, and they have the freedom to show you multiple policies that provide the desired protections. Since we’re an independent agency, our agents can help you get the best available day spa insurance policy no matter what company is offering it. 

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