General Liability Insurance in Massachusetts

What is General Liability Insurance?

General liability insurance provides general protection against a host of potential perils. A general liability policy may cover lawsuits arising from personal injury, damage to property, or slander or libel that the business is accused of being responsible for (specific coverages vary, depending on the policy).

In many ways, a business liability policy is a foundational insurance. It gives businesses a basic level of protection against a host of risks that most businesses face.

For additional, specialized coverage against risks that are unique to a business or industry, businesses can purchase other liability policies that add onto a business liability policy’s coverages. General liability coverage typically remains the foundation of a business’ insurance portfolio, though.

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General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Consider General Liability Coverage?

Many businesses in Massachusetts can benefit from the protections that general liability coverage affords. After all, this type of insurance is designed to provide protection from risks that are common to businesses across industries and regions. A manufacturer in Worcester, MA and a deli in Boston, MA might both want to purchase this type of insurance, even though they’re very different businesses.

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What Coverages Do General Liability Policies Provide?

As mentioned, the particular coverages that a specific general liability policy provides will vary from one policy to another. Some common coverages that lots of policies provide include:

  • Property Damage Coverage, which might provide coverage if a business is found responsible for damaging others’ property
  • Bodily Injury Coverage, which may cover injuries that the business is held responsible for
  • Product Liability Coverage, which typically covers damage or injury caused by the products a business sells
  • Personal Advertising Injury Coverage, which usually provides coverage against slander, libel and false advertising claims

Some general liability policies also have liquor liability coverage, which may cover incidents where alcohol is involved at a company event (most policies only cover incidents when the alcohol isn’t sold; bars, restaurants and liquor stores need a different form of insurance).

General Liability Insurance Massachusetts

How Can Businesses Get General Liability Coverage?

Businesses can compare quotes on general liability insurance by contacting an independent insurance agent who is licensed in Massachusetts and specializes in commercial insurance. An agent can not only help businesses compare different policies that are available and purchase one, but they can also review how a general liability policy fits into a business’ insurance portfolio so they have a strong foundation that they can add other coverages to as necessary.

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Businesses in Massachusetts assume many potential risks by simply conducting business. General liability insurance provides business with broad (but not unlimited) coverage to help protect them from many of the risks they face.

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