Renters Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is similar to a homeowners insurance policy, but it’s specifically designed to meet the needs of renters. Renters policies usually don’t provide coverage for the building that a renter lives in, since it’s typically the landlord’s responsibility to insure their building. Renters do, however, need protection for their personal belongings and in case they’re involved in a liability lawsuit. A renters policy can help with both of these needs.

What Coverages Are Included in a Renters Policy?

In general, renters policies include three main coverages:

  • Personal Property Coverage, which usually insures personal belongings against theft, fire, and other perils
  • Liability Coverage, which may provide financial protection if the policyholder is held responsible for a covered incident
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage, which might help cover living expenses if a rental unit is uninhabitable due to a covered incident

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Renters Insurance Massachusetts

While these are included in many renters policies, the coverages, terms, and conditions can vary a lot. Therefore, it’s important to carefully review a renters policy to determine precisely what protections it affords.

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Who Should Consider Getting a Renters Policy?

Anyone who rents an apartment, condo, townhome or house ought to consider getting a renters policy. Even people who lease one room within a house may want coverage.

For, without a renters policy, renters can be exposed to financial costs they can’t afford. Few renters could afford to replace all of their belongings or the legal costs associated with a liability lawsuit. A renters policy with robust coverages can help make sure a renter won’t have to pay these expenses if they experience a covered incident.

Do College Students in Massachusetts Need a Renters Policy?

Whether or not students attending one of the colleges or universities in Massachusetts need a renters policy depends on the terms and conditions of their parent’s (or legal guardian's) homeowners, condo, or renters policy, and where they live. In some cases, students who live on campus might not need their own insurance policy. In other cases, students may need their own coverage. Students who move off campus often need their own renters policy.

Renters Insurance Massachusetts

How Much Does a Renters Policy Cost?

Exact rates for premiums vary, but most renters policies are quite affordable. Because insurers don’t need to cover a building, they’re usually able to keep premiums low -- often much lower than the premiums would be for a comparable homeowners policy.

How Can Renters Get a Renters Policy?

To find out exactly how much a renters insurance policy will cost, and to sign up for one, renters should contact an independent insurance agent in their area. Most insurance agents who are licensed in Massachusetts are able to help renters shop for policies, and independent agents are able to compare policies from multiple insurers so renters can get the best coverage at the most affordable price. 

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Your Stuff is Worth Protecting

Massachusetts residents don’t have to own a house to be burglarized or named in a liability lawsuit. Renters face these potential risks, just as homeowners also do. Renters insurance provides renters with coverage from these and other risks they’re exposed to, without providing unnecessary coverages for buildings they don’t own.

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