Microbrewery Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Microbrewery Insurance?

Microbreweries may start as a small operation hobby, but many home-brews gain popularity fast. As soon as they begin selling beer commercially, microbreweries and craft breweries assume some significant potential risks. Not only do most breweries need insurance to protect them from risks associated with producing beer, but many in Massachusetts also need policies that cover serving alcohol or food because they have tasting rooms, pubs, or restaurants. Microbrewery insurance packages can help meet all of microbreweries and craft breweries' insurance needs.

Microbrewery insurance is an insurance solution that’s designed to meet the specific needs of microbreweries and craft breweries. Because breweries face multiple kinds of risks, craft brewery packages often include several different insurance policies. These policies are typically selected to provide coverage for the risks that most breweries face, but they can be customized to a particular breweries’ needs.

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Microbrewery Insurance Massachusetts

What Coverages Does Craft Brewery Insurance Include?

The specific coverages that a particular craft brewery package contains will depend on the terms and conditions of the individual policies contained within the insurance package. Most policies contain common commercial insurance coverages such as:

  • Business Property Coverage, which may protect a microbrewery’s building, equipment, supplies, beer stock, furniture and fixtures
  • Business Interruption Coverage, which can help compensate for lost income if business operations are interrupted by a covered claim
  • General Liability Coverage, which might cover a lawsuit if a microbrewery is held responsible for a person’s injury or physical damage to property

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In addition to these common coverages, breweries may need more specialized coverages, like:

  • Tank Collapse Coverage, which might help cover the costs of processing water if a tank collapses
  • Tank Leakage Coverage, which may cover lost beer stock if a tank leaks (either during or after brewing)
  • Restaurant Property Coverage, which can provide several coverages for a tasting room, restaurant, or pub on a brewery’s property

Other policies that a brewery might need include commercial auto coverage, workers compensation coverage, employment practices liability coverage, and cyber liability coverage. These are sometimes purchased within a craft brewery insurance package, and they’re sometimes acquired outside of a brewery-specific package.

Microbrewery Insurance Massachusetts

What Breweries in Massachusetts Need Craft Brewery Insurance?

Any microbrewery or craft brewery in Massachusetts may want to protect itself with craft brewery insurance. A few larger breweries might have different insurance needs and want policies that are built to protect major corporations, but most of the state’s small- and mid-sized breweries will be able to get the insurance coverages they need through a craft brewery policy.

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How Can Microbreweries Get Craft Brewery Insurance?

To find a microbrewery insurance solution that provides the coverages they need, microbreweries in Massachusetts should contact an independent insurance agent who is licensed in the state. It is important to find an agent who has experience with microbreweries in order to find a solution that provides solid coverage.

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