Bar Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Bar Insurance?

Bar insurance, or tavern insurance, is a form of insurance that’s specifically designed to meet some of the insurance needs that most bars and taverns have. Policies can usually be customized, because not all bars and taverns have the exact same insurance needs. Most policies, however, contain coverages that the majority of bars and taverns in Massachusetts ought to have.

What Coverages Does Tavern Insurance Offer?

The exact coverages that a particular tavern insurance policy provides will depend on the policy’s terms and conditions. In general, most policies have both liability and property coverages, and each of these two coverages may protect a bar or tavern from several potential risks.

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Bar Insurance Massachusetts

Liability coverage helps insure bars and taverns from covered claims in which they’re held responsible for an incident that resulted in physical damage or personal injury. Coverage often covers both legal costs and settlements of covered claims, according to the policy’s terms and limits. The liability coverage contained in a tavern insurance policy may include the following specialized coverages:

  • General Liability Coverage, which provides broad coverage for a range of incidents
  • Liquor Liability Coverage, which may cover incidents when an establishment is held responsible for the actions of an intoxicated patron
  • Assault and Battery Liability Coverage, which might provide coverage if a fight breaks out at an establishment
  • Product Liability Coverage, which may cover illnesses caused by food and beverages that are served

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A policy’s property coverage helps insure property that a bar or tavern owns. As is the case with all coverages, what is protected will depend on the policy’s terms and exactly what type of property coverage it has. A policy could have a combination of the following specific property coverages:

  • Building Coverage, which usually insures a bar or tavern’s building (if the business owns the building)
  • Contents Coverage, which typically insures items such as kitchen equipment, bar equipment, furniture, lighting, artwork and music systems
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might help cover the cost of repairing equipment that breaks down due to a covered incident
  • Food Contamination Coverage, which could help an establishment purchase new food if its current stock spoils after a covered incident

Bar Insurance

How Can Bars and Taverns in Massachusetts Get Tavern Insurance?

Bars and taverns that need bar insurance should talk with an independent insurance agent who has helped other establishments get insurance. Look for agents located in Massachusetts who are familiar with the insurance needs of bars and taverns.

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Protect Your Bar

Establishing a successful bar or tavern takes a significant amount of both time and financial investment, and these investments ought to be protected. Without adequate insurance, a single incident could leave a bar financially devastated and, potentially, force it to close. Bar insurance policies help protect bars and taverns in Massachusetts from a number of possibly ruinous incidents.

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