Welding Contractor Insurance in Massachusetts

What is Welding Contractor Insurance?

Welding can be rewarding work, but it's work that comes with certain risks. Welders not only faced common risks that many businesses are exposed to, but they also have industry-specific risks to guard against. Welding contractor Insurance can help Massachusetts welders safeguard themselves against many of the common and less common risks that they face.

Welding contractor insurance is specialized commercial insurance for professional welders. Because welders and their businesses are exposed to multiple risks, welding contractor policies usually are package policies and have multiple coverages within them. Welders can frequently choose the exact coverages that they want in a policy.

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Welding Contractor Insurance Massachusetts

What Massachusetts Businesses Should Carry Welder Insurance?

Most Massachusetts businesses that primarily weld should carry welder insurance, regardless of whether the welding is for in-house operations or for customers. Few other insurance products are able to provide the specific protections that welders need.

In some cases, businesses that are involved in welding and other work might require a more extensive insurance policy. An insurance agent who specializes in welding policies in similar ones can guide such businesses toward the right insurance products.

For some examples, the following businesses are just a few of the ones that probably should consider purchasing welder insurance:

  • Pipe welding specialists
  • Factors that weld parts together
  • New construction builders that weld structural components
  • Marine construction builders that weld structural components
  • Auto service centers that weld vehicle parts
  • Other specialized welding businesses

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What Coverages Do Welding Insurance Policies Make Available?

The majority of the coverages that welding policies make available can be segregated into property protections and liability protections. The former normally protect assets that a welding business owns, while the latter typically protect against situations where a welding business might be held financially responsible for an incident.

Some of the property protections that welding policies frequently make available include:

  • Business Personal Property Coverage, which might protect welding equipment when it's kept at a main facility
  • Inland Marine Coverage, which might protect welding equipment when it's moved to/from job sites
  • Builders Risk Coverage, which might protect welding equipment when it's kept at a job site
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, which might protect expensive welding equipment if it breaks down
  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage, which might protect against employee theft

Some of the liability protections that a welding policy may provide are:

Welders who have company-owned vehicles can often purchase broader commercial auto coverage that also protects against vehicle damage.

Welding Contractor Insurance Massachusetts

Should Subcontracting Welders Have Their Own Insurance Policy?

Subcontracting welders can receive some insurance coverage from their hiring contractors, but not all hiring contractors provide coverage. Moreover, those that do may still not provide all of the coverages that a subcontractor would like to have. This can be especially common when welders subcontract for general contractors, because welding presents unique risks that general contractors normally don't have to protect against.

Welders who are in a subcontracting position ought to speak with a knowledgeable insurance agent about their insurance protection. An experienced agent can review any insurance that is provided, and they can help welders decide if other coverages have to be purchased.

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How Can Massachusetts Welders Get Good Welding Contractor Insurance?

For help finding a welding contractor insurance in Massachusetts, contact the independent insurance agents at Scotti Insurance Agency. Our agents will work closely with you to determine what coverage is your business needs, and we'll make sure to find a policy that meets those needs well. 

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