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Scotti Insurance
Scotti Insurance
Scotti Insurance

Helping Clients Save for Over 70 Years

Family-owned and operated — that’s many of the businesses we serve, and that’s just the way Scotti Insurance is built too. Family and responsibility go hand-in-hand here. In one family, we first insured their ’57 Chevy — then came the ’73 Impala, an ’85 Citation, then a new 2006 Impala. We love keeping them on the road, and they’ve turned to us for auto, home, life, and specialty insurance, most recently.

But that first one?

While it gets the special treatment of antique insurance now, it wasn’t an antique when we first insured it. We’ve just grown up together—and just like that family and the cars they drive, we’re here for the long term.

Scotti Insurance
Scotti Insurance
Scotti Insurance

Since 1947 

Scotti Insurance Agency, Inc. has been helping our neighbors chart a course of security through insurance—in personal insurance, their business insurance, and in all the ways we live, work, and play.


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